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We deliver results-driven digital marketing services for swimming pool companies all across the
US. You focus on the business, we’ll handle the growth and marketing strategy.

Pool Pros Advertising / Paid Ads offers online lead generation services for pool construction and other pool-related services.
We are a top-rated online advertising firm for businesses in the pool sector and a Certified Google Partner. Furthermore, we collaborate with companies that provide pool cleaning and building services. The most popular advertising platform we employ is Google Paid Ads (PPC).
Any form of marketing has one primary goal: to produce leads. Depending on what you provide, we adapt our strategy to achieve this. We’ll concentrate on Google Ads if you wish to expand your pool building and cleaning services. 
Although we provide this as a stand-alone option, we strongly advise opting for our full-service plan. This also includes the administration of your Facebook advertisements, Google Ads, and SEO.

How Do We Achieve Our Conversion Rates?

At Pool Pros Marketing, our conversion rates are the best in class. We’ve even had clients who maintained a conversion rate of 20% or higher. What do we do different? 

Simple – we correctly run the adverts! It takes more work to do it well, but the outcomes are worthwhile.

Ad Group Separation

We use only close versions of the target term in ad creation.

HUGE Negative Keyword Lists

Google Ads failures have several causes. It ensures that you only appear for pertinent searches.

Creative Ads

Pool Pros understands what motivates people to click on your advertisement thanks to our experience and reams of data.

Manual Optimization

We do all weekly optimizations manually rather than letting Google perform its optimizations.

Full Extensions

Extensions increase exposure, and using them appropriately has its benefits. This includes direct phone and website links.

Local Map Trigger

Ever notice the single advertisement underneath the local map result? We can arrange for you to go there.

Settings & Configuration

We certify that your ads are appropriately shown geographically and during peak conversion periods.

Dedicated Landing Pages

This is the recipe we use. Every advertisement has a specially designed landing page.

Content Marketing

Content marketing uses retargeting on all social media platforms where you are active, including demographic and interest data.

We advertise material such as project case studies rather than your services. The use of content marketing is essential for high-priced services such as pool construction. 
Because you promote by offering ideas and knowledge rather than a sales pitch, people respond to these so effectively.

Platforms and Types of Advertisements We Use

Your online advertisement approach depends on the solutions you provide, as was already discussed. The platform to be used and the type of advertisements are two crucial components of the strategy. 
Here are the most frequent ad kinds we run for our clients:
  • Google Search Ads: These are the typical pay-per-click advertisements that appear at the top of Google searches. It is the only approach to ensure a first-page Google ranking, and the outcomes are typically the finest. This is practically the norm for all pool industry services.
  • Google Local: On local searches, Google occasionally permits this single advertisement to appear beneath the map. This is a highly targeted placement that has strict requirements but yields extremely high click-through rates. The majority of services in the pool industry use this placement.
  • Google Remarketing: Have you ever visited a website only to find banner advertisements for it everywhere you went?
    This type of advertising is effective for lengthy sales cycles, such as pool cleaning services.
  • Google Affinity Ads: Similar to remarketing, this sort of advertising targets those who have shown interest in the services you offer or who have been to the websites of your rivals.
    These advertisements are effective for more expensive jobs such as building pools and cleaning them.

We're a Certified Google Partner. What Does That Mean for Us and Our Clients?

A business that has proven effective ad campaigns on the Google platform through tests and actual performance is known as a Certified Google Partner. We must manage a lot of accounts that spend a particular amount of money to be accredited, and we must have at least one expert on staff who is certified by Google. 
Additionally, we must continuously show that we have good performance and client growth for a minimum of one year. At Pool Pros, we have complied with all of these requirements, and Google has recognized us as a Certified Partner, indicating that we are an excellent option for your company’s Google network advertising campaigns.

Why Should I Spend Time on Marketing That Doesn’t Sell My Services?

You don’t only want people to believe you are an excellent pool builder. Aside from that, you also want them to use your pool construction business. Even though content marketing may not specifically encourage clients to hire you, it is still promoting your offerings.
Additionally, the clicks on your content marketing efforts and the knowledge-based content you produce will raise your rankings in organic searches. This brings more clients to your business.
Numerous studies on marketing have shown that consumers are significantly more responsive to firms that don’t constantly approach them with a hard push. 
Increase brand recognition through content marketing without offending customers with a hard sell. Without expecting anything in return, you are giving them a service by sharing the knowledge you have gained from your expertise in pool construction.

Let Us Deliver New Leads for Your Business

Call us about paid web advertising if you work in the pool industry. We’ll discuss the prices and what to anticipate. To schedule a free consultation, contact +1 (888) 790-Pool.

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